Make Money Writing 
Short Stories On Your Life Experiences

One of the most popular markets for publishers is that of Personal Essays, which is really just writing short stories about moments and events in your life. Over the years, it’s been a market I’ve done remarkably well in. Therefore, it made perfect sense for me to share the skill of this writing in my new online video course. After all, we all have stories to share – regardless of whether we choose to have them published or not.
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Make Money Writing Short Stories On Your Life Experiences is too new for reviews, although perhaps the great recommendation for it is that
HALF the people enrolled in this course are also enrolled in my other course.


Go from average writer to great writer

As the title implies, this course includes plenty of clearly-explained tutorials on practical, important (and often overlooked) writing skills, but equally as crucial, it also comes with the vital ongoing support. 


What is the '$79 BONUS'?

Use a BONUS LINK from this site to enrol in this course & for the first 2 months after you've enrolled, post up to FIVE short stories on this site's Online Writing Community and 
I will personally email you FEEDBACK on each of them.

Take the course in any country, at a pace that suits you, without leaving your home,
and still get personal, experienced, genuine and private feedback on whatever you write.
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Fantastic Course

This course is simple and easy to follow. It is not bombarded with so much information that you can't remember a thing. Instead, it gives just the right amount. Elizabeth makes you feel like you are taking a private writing lesson right in her very own home. And she is happy to help with any questions post course. Highly recommend this course to any beginner writer wanting to advance their skills.


Excellent review of subject

Elizabeth provides an excellent review of often over-looked areas where beginning writers may make mistakes that affect the quality of their work. The tips she provides are easy to apply to any type/ genre of writing. Her lectures are easy to follow and listen to, without losing interest.


I enjoyed this course!

This course is full of useful information and I felt the pace of the course was very well done. Thanks Elizabeth for putting this together and for the additional resources/downloads.


Excellent Course

Explained everything simply and easily. I learned an enormous amount.



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