IMPORTANT Writing to Inspire UPDATE

When I started Writing to Inspire some 18 or so years ago, I was having a great time experimenting and experiencing writing. I also had 2 young children at home and felt there was a need for more personal, one-on-one help for other writers starting out (plus, believe it or not, I’d never heard of such a thing as a Writing Coach). 

Running this business has brought me so much more than I ever expected. There were tv and radio segments, countless workshop, course and speaking invitations, publications, to say nothing of all the exciting things created on this website and the wonderful array of people I’ve met and been able to help with their writing goals and dreams. And for all that I feel so truely blessed, in some minor way I may have made a difference, but there is also no doubt that it’s all diverted me from my writing, an aspect of life I’ve always been aware of. 

But, never more so than after I woke up unexpectedly in hospital just over two years ago. It took a while to register, but somewhere in the last 36 hours before that moment I’d lost my entire memory, plus the ability to speak, think clearly, find words in my head, move fluidly and numerous other daily abilities I took for granted. Image that, a writer and speaker who could no longer write or speak… let alone read a book! 

Thankfully, (with the love, patience and understanding of so many dear people) much has improved - but, as others will attest to, there is nothing quite like a health scare to make you reconsider your priorities. 

Over the last couple of decades, there’s no doubt that I’ve had many gentle and synchronistic nudges. Each one of them reminding me that in my heart, I am, and always will be, a writer first - no matter how much I enjoy helping others and playing in the writing world. Most of these nudges I’ve ignored or planned to come back to (but, of course, rarely have). Still, ignore these kind of  nudges long enough and you’re bound to get the sledge-hammer! And the life-changing seizure I woke up from that day was definitely one heck of a sledge-hammer - one that it’s impossible to ignore or plan to come back to. Now is the time to be the person I believe I was put here to be, no more being distracted. From now on, writing comes first. 

Therefore… despite all the joy that Writing to Inspire has brought me, and hopefully others, I have finally made the decision to close it down. My books are still available (at The Bodhi Tree bookstore cafe, Mt Hawthorn, WA), as are my online courses, plus this website with all the information it includes will still be available until it expires in January 2017. But other than that, I’m afraid I’ll be slipping from immediate view. Although, you can still contact me or stay in touch through the Writing to Inspire Facebook page for a while, or my new blog covering my alternative lifestyle changes (House-sitting Life). 

In the mean time, thank you so much for your support over the years, it really wouldn’t have been the same without you. And please remember… if you want to write, then write. Find the time and simply write whatever words come to mind, because writing is about so much more than all the other stuff… so much more.




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Fantastic Course

This course is simple and easy to follow. It is not bombarded with so much information that you can't remember a thing. Instead, it gives just the right amount. Elizabeth makes you feel like you are taking a private writing lesson right in her very own home. And she is happy to help with any questions post course. Highly recommend this course to any beginner writer wanting to advance their skills.


Excellent review of subject

Elizabeth provides an excellent review of often over-looked areas where beginning writers may make mistakes that affect the quality of their work. The tips she provides are easy to apply to any type/ genre of writing. Her lectures are easy to follow and listen to, without losing interest.


I enjoyed this course!

This course is full of useful information and I felt the pace of the course was very well done. Thanks Elizabeth for putting this together and for the additional resources/downloads.


Excellent Course

Explained everything simply and easily. I learned an enormous amount.



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